File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
aa.c [code]
aa.h [code]
asa.c [code]
asa.h [code]
atom.c [code]
atom.h [code]
calc.c [code]
calc.h [code]
check.c [code]
check.h [code]
cluster.c [code]
cluster.h [code]
descriptors.c [code]
descriptors.h [code]
dparams.c [code]
dparams.h [code]
dpmain.c [code]
dpmain.h [code]
dpocket.c [code]
dpocket.h [code]
fparams.c [code]
fparams.h [code]
fpmain.c [code]
fpmain.h [code]
fpocket.c [code]
fpocket.h [code]
fpout.c [code]
fpout.h [code]
mdparams.c [code]
mdparams.h [code]
mdpbase.c [code]
mdpbase.h [code]
mdpmain.c [code]
mdpmain.h [code]
mdpmem.c [code]
mdpmem.h [code]
mdpocket.c [code]
mdpocket.h [code]
mdpout.c [code]
mdpout.h [code]
memhandler.c [code]
memhandler.h [code]
neighbor.c [code]
neighbor.h [code]
pertable.c [code]
pertable.h [code]
pocket.c [code]
pocket.h [code]
pscoring.c [code]
pscoring.h [code]
psorting.c [code]
psorting.h [code]
refine.c [code]
refine.h [code]
rpdb.c [code]
rpdb.h [code]
sort.c [code]
sort.h [code]
tparams.c [code]
tparams.h [code]
tpmain.c [code]
tpmain.h [code]
tpocket.c [code]
tpocket.h [code]
utils.c [code]
utils.h [code]
voronoi.c [code]
voronoi.h [code]
voronoi_lst.c [code]
voronoi_lst.h [code]
write_visu.c [code]
write_visu.h [code]
writepdb.c [code]
writepdb.h [code]
writepocket.c [code]
writepocket.h [code]

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